Find The Membership That Suits Your Needs.

Able’s Rifle and Pistol Ranges open to the public at select times:

If you would like to come try out Able’s Rifle and Pistol Ranges without a membership they are open to the public on Saturdays from 1pm to 5pm.
(Normal guest fee applies)

Bronze Rifle & Pistol Membership:

Our bronze rifle and pistol membership is available in three packages: single yearly, single monthly, or family yearly(includes 4 membership cards per household). We have also added a Student Option so that students with a valid student ID can pay for six months instead of a regular year membership.



Single Monthly Dues: $20
Single Yearly Dues: $100
Family Yearly Dues: $200
No Initiation Fee

  • Range Fee: $15/Trip (2 guns/trip, 4 hrs max, $5/adt. gun)
  • Guest Fee: $15


Access to Rifle and Pistol Ranges
Allowed one guest

Student Option:

Membership term – 6 months | Dues – $50
No Initiation Fee, Requires valid student ID

  • Bronze range fees apply

Silver Rifle & Pistol Membership:

Our silver level membership is perfect for individuals and families alike, and comes with some nice perks!


Single Yearly Dues: $350
Family Yearly Dues: $450 (4 cards/household)
No Initiation Fee

Guest Fee: $15


No Range Fee
Up to 3 Guests at a Time ($15/guest)
Free use of steel plates

Skeet Membership:

We now offer a skeet only membership as an additional option for those who shoot skeet, but aren’t interested in shooting five stand and sporting clays.


Single Yearly Dues: $250 (no initiation)

Guest Fee: $15


Includes 20 rounds of skeet (500 targets)
Additional rounds (25 targets) $12.50

Sporting Clay Membership:

Our sporting clays membership is now available in four different packages: Single monthly, Single yearly, Couples yearly (2 membership cards), or Family yearly (4 membership cards)


Single Monthly Dues: $50 (no initiation)

Single Yearly Dues: $250
Couples Yearly Dues: $350 (2 cards/household)
Family Yearly Dues: $500 (4 cards/household)

Single One Time Initiation: $350 (+500 targets)
Couples One Time Initiation: $450 (+500 targets)
Family One Time Initiation: $500 (+500 targets)

Guest Fee: $15


Sporting Clays
Targets $0.50 each
One Free golf cart each trip (additional carts cost $12.50)
Up to 3 guests at a time

5-Stand & Skeet
1-Round(25 targets) $12.50

*Couples and families must have same address on ID.

Gold Membership:

Our gold membership is our most premier option. It grants you access to all of our ranges and waves all range and guest fees. Starting May 20th, 2018 our ranges will also be open on Sundays exclusively for our Gold Members.


Yearly Dues: $750

One Time Initiation: $350


Sporting Clays Membership
All features of a Sporting Clays Membership

Rifle & Pistol Membership
All features of a Silver Rifle & Pistol Membership
No Range or guest fees
Unlimited Time, Targets, and Guns (targets must be used on day received)

*New Members must attend safety orientation before shooting.

Able’s Ranges are also open to corporate groups and other medium to large parties looking to book an event at our facilities. Give us a call at 936-295-5786 or email us at to get more information.

If you’d like to take a look at our facilities Click Here to see our range photo gallery.

Ammunition Restrictions:

 In order to keep our range a safe environment, we have restricted the use of certain ammunition. According to the layout of our courses, and the capabilities of our ranges, the following types of ammunitions are prohibited:


  • No shells with shot size larger than #7.5. (i.e. 6, 5, 4, etc. are prohibited)
  • No shells greater than 1-1/8oz.

Pistol & Rifle:

  • Ammunition 50 caliber or greater is prohibited.

For more information on ammunition restrictions, call 1-800-720-3275

Able’s reserves the right to modify or change membership details and pricing at any time without notice.