Find The Membership That Suits Your Needs.

Bronze Rifle & Pistol Membership:

If you’re a student and don’t know if you’ll be able to take full advantage of a year long membership you’re in luck! Our bronze rifle and pistol membership is available over two term lengths: one year, or one semester (for students only).



Yearly Dues: $100
Spring Semester Dues: $50
Fall Semester Dues: $50
No Initiation Fee

  • Range Fee: $15/Trip (2 guns/trip, 4 hrs max, $5/adt. gun)
  • Guest Fee: $20


Access to Rifle and Pistol Ranges
Allowed one guest

Silver Rifle & Pistol Membership:

Our silver level membership is perfect for individuals and families alike, and comes with some nice perks!


Membership Dues -yearly: $350
Family Membership Dues: $450 (4 Silver cards/household)
No Initiation Fee

Guest Fee: $20

Discounts (up to 10% total for the following)

  • First Responders
  • NRA Members
  • Texas Rifle Association
  • Military personnel- active or veteran


No Range Fee
Up to 3 Guests at a Time ($20/guest)
Free use of steel plates

*Must provide documentation for discounts.
*Any discounts must be applicable on day of registration.

Sporting Clay Membership:


Membership Dues (yearly) $250

One Time Initiation Fee -Individual: $250
One Time Initiation Fee -Family: $500
One Time Initiation Fee -Corporate: Call for info


Sporting Clays
500 Targets per year (additional targets $0.48 each)
One Free golf cart each trip (additional carts cost $12.50)
Up to 3 guests at a time

5-Stand & Skeet
1-Round(25 targets) $12

Gold Membership:



Membership Dues -yearly: $750

One Time Initiation Fee -Individual: $250

No Guest Fee


  • NSCA member $40
  • NRA Members $35


Sporting Clays
All features of a Sporting Clays Membership

Rifle & Pistol Membership
All features of a Silver Rifle & Pistol Membership
No Range or guest fees
Unlimited Time, Targets, and Guns (targets must be used on day received)

*Must provide documentation for discounts.
*Discounts must be applied on day of membership.
*New Members must attend safety orientation before shooting.
*Remaining targets roll over at end of year.

Able’s Ranges are also open to corporate groups and other medium to large parties looking to book an event at our facilities. Give us a call at 936-295-5786 or email us at to get more information.

If you’d like to take a look at our facilities Click Here to see our range photo gallery.

Ammunition Restrictions:

 In order to keep our range a safe environment, we have restricted the use of certain ammunition. According to the layout of our courses, and the capabilities of our ranges, the following types of ammunitions are prohibited:


  • No shells with shot size larger than #7.5. (i.e. 6, 5, 4, etc. are prohibited)
  • No shells greater than 1-1/8oz.

Pistol & Rifle:

  • Ammunition 50 caliber or greater is prohibited.

For more information on ammunition restrictions, call 1-800-720-3275